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I work with the 5th & 6th grade boys and girls. God works through us in all the above ways. As Ive shared with various people here at Awana, I was surprised that many of my comments resonated with them. 3And Moses said to Aaron, This is what theLordspoke, saying: By thosewho come near MeI must be regarded as holy;And before all the peopleI must be glorified. . (, This is part of what my friend wrote to me . So Markins hit the ground running becoming CEO in January 2022 and launching his event filled with progressive radicals a month later, The Awana Board of Directors is excited to announce Matt Markins has been named President and Chief Executive Officer. NextGen4Christ Can you, as regards resources for AWANA here are just two links of quite a few that are,,, On the whole issue of Spiritual Formation on my web site is this article, But Marchand remains convinced that if Awana is actually driving the high achievers further into Scripture, then they will listen to Pauls injunction to the Philippians: Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. I just dont want the kids who dont act out to be slighted. New study projects that the religious identity in the US will drop below 50 percent by 2070. I am a director with no acting commander of our club. The relational aspects of Awanaespecially the relationships between leaders and studentshave always been part of Awana along with Bible memory, he says. JARED KENNEDY- who works as an editor at TGC and wrote a Parents Guide to discussing sexuality and gender for ERLC/Russell Moore repeatedly citing and resourcing Revoice Founder Nate Collins activist LGBTQ Inclusion book All But Invisisble promoting higher visibility for LGBTQ Christians and Sexual Minorities and LGBT+ Thriving in Historic (conservative) Christian Churches . I wrote a series on the fiasco of the teaching on the inerrancy of Scripture a year ago. Ive been connected with Awana in some form for about 20 years and Ive seen many things. Historically correct doesnt mean the Bible is a history book. If they want to do more, there are extra credit questions to fill out and additional verses to memorize at the end of each lesson. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Awana has always been and will always be about the Gospel. Ed Stetzer, Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College ( also Lifeway/ NAMB/ Wheaton/ Send Network church planting /TGC /ERLC /globalist from Lausanne circles -NOTE Stetzer has also been working with globalist /Rockefeller think tank Council on Foreign Relations accusing Christians of spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories. Your club might be the only place these kids experience love. Children and teens learn how to memorize God's Word, study the Bible, and apply it to their lives. In the long run, it is a blessing for me and the church. Im reminded of a scenario someone shared at an Awana training. But then he read this: Kid: Have you ever dug up an one of those ruins?, Gramps: No, but I think taking part in an archaeological dig would be exciting. I knew it would be really weird! DR. CHINWE WILLIAMS Williams, Ph.D., is an EMDR trained, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Board Certified Counselor, and a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor (CPCS) in Georgia Favorite Topics include racial and cultural awareness. Stay close to God and make sure you are on the path He would have you go. Michael Brown was a violent criminal who was attacking police officers. The main thing I would suggest is to schedule a meeting with the pastor and share your heart and see if there is a way you can work with them to refocus the church. Some of Rorheims early games were unconventional and even illegal, according to Awana: Gods Miracle, Awanas official history book. Beyond the coins, however, Faith Chapels Awana program has scaled back competition in some ways. Conflict. The unchangingtruth of the gospel drives the same vision weve held all these years to reachchildren in every corner of the globe as we walk boldly into the future andcontinue to be used by God to help change the world. Saying Jesus loves me should never loose any of power or significance, even if you know it. JavaScript is disabled. You did not note what position you are serving, but if youre a leader, use that excitement as youre able connecting with the kids during handbook time and gametime and interacting during large group time. But in a significant methodological shift, Awana clubs are now trying to look less like spiritual sports leagues and more like small group Bible studies. We compete so much with sport & music programs that I want the kids to want to come to Awana more than those! I do certain things because of what results. The article then makes some claims about the United States that are dubious at best and not substantiated by empirical data. Let's just face the facts that nothing is going to pass muster with you guys unless it's a 100% Reformed presentation, complete with footnotes from the Westminster or LBC, and even then you'll argue about details and intricacies and someone will no doubt hit the floor as a heretic. That game was short-lived when the church board heard about it, Gods Miracle notes. I suppose I could isolate my son from the other boy's and girl's on Wednesday nights and keep him home so we could go over the catechism. I wrote a series on the fiasco of the teaching on the inerrancy of Scripture a year ago. I dont see a trend away from our classic games and the things were known for, but there is a natural innovation, executive director Marchand says. I like to improve things and make our club better and better. TGC/ BAPTIST LEADER MATT CHANDLER TEAMS UP WITH REVOICE / & CAMPAIGN LEADERS:TOPICS FUTURE OF THE CHURCH- WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP. (just type in AWANA in the search box) Kids know when they are loved. Gary Gilley articles that later were published as his book Out of Formation. Markins warns churches and parents that this looking back is wrong and failing their children and rather than looking ahead and charting a course to the future.. But its been hard to talk about. Awana is seen simply as a mid-week program (club) by a large majority of people in the United States. Theres been no shortage of parachurch ministries that have gone woke in the last several years. When extrinsic incentives are involved, it is often the award that is treasured more than the task or content that is learned, wrote Scottie May, then associate professor of Christian formation and ministry at Wheaton College, in the 2006 volume Perspectives on Childrens Spiritual Formation. Imagine holding your gametime in a fenced in area, much like a school playground, and standing outside the fence looking in were a myriad of children, or even just one child, looking in, longing to be a part. My boys used to love Awana and Bible memorization, but the new curriculum killed their Awana spirit, one mom complained on Gunters site, I would recommend the book/or a quick overview of The Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg. I know in my own life I go to work because theres a paycheck, she says. But when students said they like to compete to see who can say the most verses or were competing on who says the book the fastest, those were intrinsic motivators. Heresay, yesweasel like? The post from Awana made some broad assumptions about several of the Woke Religions sacred martyrs, including the names of both Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. I recognized it immediately. Our leaders are getting frustrated and discouraged. Sure there is definetly a place to teach catechism but there is also a place to have fun and fellowship. In 2019, Awana posted an article on How to talk with your kids about racial equality. Unsurprisingly, it lauded Dr. Martin Luther King as a role model for kids, despite the fact he was a whoremongering Communist, sex-trafficker, and serial adulterer (not to mention he denied the deity of Christ and inspiration of Scripture). is a part of Gunter Family Ministries (, View CommanderBill.nets profile on Facebook. Now theyre more like a nature hike that everyone is supposed to finish together, with highly motivated kids encouraged to do burpees every quarter mile. kid skit videos and have some special teaching time. Are you aware of this? We dont want to put everyone into one pipeline, but we want them to be in the same group, being part of the same conversation., Marchand points to a cartoon by his desk as illustrative of the mindset hes trying to fix: A man sits at a desk, facing a bird, a monkey, a penguin, an elephant, a fish, a seal, and a dog. Some of the kids may need more focused attention, one-on-one. The Video goes on to charge churches that they are to raise up leaders of community- leaders of culture ,leaders of tomorrow child disciples for the fearless future of the church !, Markins and Awana also offer these 2022 videos as a Resource for churches, Our team is eager to share the message of our new book, RESILIENT: Child Discipleship and the Fearless Future of the Church with you in February! The response has been mixed and expected, says Bill Gunter, who runs a large unofficial Awana website, Are we really that terrified of the Truth? Its an increasingly common approach in larger clubs. The hike with add-ons is probably less motivating for elite overachievers. You cant. Were trying to give agency to the church instead of saying, Heres the box you have to stay in. He means that literallyin both game time and curriculum shipments, Awana is trying to help churches think outside what comes in the box. as regards resources for AWANA here are just two links of quite a few that areavailable on 1, is solved in a couple steps. It becomes a part of them and since they are discussing it so much among themselves, they think others know details when they have not communicated it outside their circles well, if at all, until it is time to take place. The purpose of game time was to be the calling cardto have a fun aspect of Awana that kids want to do and come back for, Nolan says. They are still sacred and beautiful, and there is much depth to them. What ever happened to being honest about the Christian life and about ancient texts? CHRISTIAN DAVOS COMMITS TO TRAINING LEADERS FOR WEF FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION /AGE OF DISRUPTION., THE CHURCH IN AMERICA AT THE GATES OF HELL: A TALE OF THE COLLAPSE OF SOUTHERNBAPTIST. A Disturbing Trend in Awana. Awana, in fact, has been used in my own church for over a decade. Most of the comments have been around the new T&T material. Ill just keep doing what Im doing. Precisely!!! Any form of grief requires something, but we cant always put that something into words. REBECCA MCLAUGHLIN- is in the TGC speaker promoting the APA/ SOGI based same sex attraction narrative . You say that your program is going downhill, I would disagree. ED STETZER Globalist progressive leader in TGC/ ERLC/ Lifeway/ NAMB / Wheaton College and Council on Foreign Relations . Take time to know these kids, not go through the mechanics of handbook time. I have a big problem with this., I tried to quell the panic rising in my chest. See something we missed? I see a trend growing, that if it continues, could be the catalyst for that departure. Largely designed as comic books, the new handbooks differ significantly from their predecessors. The best Christians work with Awana, and a few old folk are left for prayer meeting. NEWS SOURCE:Turning Point MediaFebruary 1, 2022, NASHVILLE, Tenn.Building on the success of last years inaugural event,Awanaaglobal leader in child and youth discipleshipannounces its second Child Discipleship Forum, to be held September 22-23 in the Nashville area. Can a new Awana help kids make the switch? PROMOTING INTEREST IN AWANAGAMES A good cheering section goes a long way toward helping a team win! document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); document.getElementById( "ak_js_3" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); All Materials 2020 Joy W Bennett.| Privacy Policy | A Tall Poppy Site. Being that my age group is 5-6-7and that many are just dropped off at our church by their parents, I have also nixed the teaching when I have seen that some of these kids just want a little rough-housing, a hug, or some individual time and attention. Awana has experienced this with almost every change theyve made, but at some point, like I did, you cannot let apprehension get a hold of you leaving you afraid to try something new and innovative, you must make a move, or become stagnant and ineffective. "But it's been hard to talk about. So with the problem comes a solution. Try incentives, share with your leaders that they are there to show these kids Gods Love and at this point the handbook (in my humble opinion based on your comments) is secondary. There was apprehension by some, and great acceptance by others. Anonymous. I am Swema Cheure, a teacher at Date Primary school in Mt Darwin district. I can honestly tell you that if you mellow out a bit, that it will drive you crazy because you will be going against what you know you should be doing. The study interprets how cultural changes are rapidly affecting the local church and childrens ministry.Conference speakers are slated to include Barna Group CEO David Kinnaman; Awana president and CEO Matt Markins;New York Timesbestselling author and pastor John Mark Comer; author,speaker and apologetics and culture expertRebecca McLaughlin; Andy Crouch, a partner for theology and culture at Praxis and former editor ofChristianity Today; Derwin Gray, founding and lead pastor of Charlotte, North Carolinas TransformationChurch;acclaimed author, pastor and apologist Sam Allberry; and Moody Publishers acquisitions editor and popular author Trillia Newbell, among other leading childrens ministry experts. Most notably, organizations for young adults like Cru (formerly Campus Crusades for Christ) and InterVarsity have traded the real Gospel for the Popularity Gospel. What Does Wielding My White Privilege for Good Look Like? For a fair selection everyone has to take the same exam, the man says. God never, ever, ever makes a mistake. It almost seemed as if the new [handbook] was geared toward outreach of non-churched/unsaved children.. To have that happen on the same day I discovered how AWANA seeks to indoctrinate children with fables about the historic and scientific perfection of the Bible was almost too much. One of the most important symbols in modern Christianity is a circle inside a square, its sides marked red, blue, green, and yellow, divided by diagonal lines. They just dont want to sacrifice the time, dont see it making any change, or see evidence weekly that kids are remaining far from God instead of getting closer to God. If the students said they wanted to compete to get candy or a trophy, it counted as an external motivator. "Happy all the time," I sang, and he joined me, grinning. We, my wife and I, have taken over as the Co-Commanders at a church that God called us to. Often when people offer constructive comments to me, Im already aware and working on a solution. I'm an AWANAs leader and have two daughters in the program-- both in Sparks. on a Wednesday night is amazing. It would be a shame not to have him involved with it. Awana is a global non-profit organization, fueled by the generous donations of individuals, churches and organizations, as well as resource sales to accomplish our mission of equipping leaders to reach kids with the Gospel and engage them in lifelong discipleship. Sample of the Barna topics includes this on racial justice. Clearly by Charting a New Course- Markins and Awana leadership mean your children need LGBTQ Church Inclusion / Revoice Sexual minority and Thriving training- BLM advocate rap with CRT driven narratives on race by SHAI LINNE which are loose with the facts and heavy on systemic racism worldview. But there are other nights of the week we can do that. Were seeing churches doing incredible innovations and trying to learn from them. As children complete various stages in the Awana program, they earn awards. , So when I watch a video like George Floyds, it represents for me the fresh reopening of a deep wound and the reliving of layers of trauma that get exponentially compounded each time a well-meaning white friend says, All lives matter. Of course they do, but in this country, black lives have been treated like they dont matter for centuries and present inequities in criminal justice, income, housing, health care, education, etc. Instead, examine the root causes of your discipline problems and take reasonable steps to address each one. But again, every time the Bible talks about history, the Bible is exactly right. But the marathon is daunting for the uninitiated. You can enter the 2014-15 year knowing that Awana Clubs will continue to be an effective tool to reach children to come to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus, with modifications to the Ultimate Adventure and Trek as noted earlier this year. 10ThenNadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron,each took his censer and put fire in it, put incense on it, and offeredprofane fire before theLord, which He had not commanded them. Awana is an international evangelical Christian nonprofit organization in child and youth discipleship. On the other hand, what if I am supposed to stay the course and see it through? With both in-person and online attendance options, the conference is set to bring together pastors, childrens ministry leaders and parents for two days of keynote presentations, seminars and crucial conversationsimpactingthe future of the Church.Designed to equip participants with tools for building strong foundations of faith in children, the conference will feature 15renowned ministry experts, as well as the findings of a combined Barna Group and Awana research projectthe largest of its kind in two decades. Awana gets well-intentioned individuals who may not realize they are being insensitive to these little tender hearts." Awana (an acronym for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, taken from the New Testament -- 2 Timothy 2:15) is an organization that aims to help kids memorize Bible passages. is a part of Gunter Family Ministries (, View CommanderBill.nets profile on Facebook. Awana didnt want any association with the Commander in Chief, even if it was clearly satirical. You need to really seek God and see what path He has for you. The milieu of the clubs did not highlight trophies, plaques, or other permanent mementos of successful clubbers, the researchers wrote. Traveling alone via airplane, to a city I did not know and any number of things could go wrong. The problem of absenteeism was solved by this. The resulting insights and implications of this research are critical for childrens ministry leaders to know, understand and implement to better disciple children.. Forget it. Awana first got peoples attention when it tweeted out a pandering, virtue-signaling and entirely unnecessary Facebook post about a topic irrelevant to their mission (see below). Theres a pretty significant shift in the mindset from leaders as section signers to actually discipling, says CommanderBill.nets Gunter. YIKES! I know when I lost that passion for awhile (thats a story for another time), it flowed down to the leaders, and the clubbers. Is leadership development really about helping overachievers achieve more and more? Our 7 year Awana program seems to be going down hill. Now everyone gets the same lesson, with the same verse to memorize. If I had not overcome it, then the Awana club in my former church may have ceased after a while. When the leader inquired why they came if they werent working in the book, they shared that their mom was an atheist and didnt want her to work in the handbook, but she could was allowed to attend, and she did because that was the only place she felt loved. He was discipled at TGC /T4G leader Mark Devers Capitol Hill Baptist Church . November 3, 2017 Commander Bill. Everything He says is absolutely right and true. Once the leadership loses their passion, it affects every area of the ministry and then Awana is not run properly. , Its about being handcuffed and thrown into the back of a police car while walking down the street during college, and then waiting for a white couple to come identify whether or not I was the one whod committed a crime against them, knowing that if they said I was the one, I would be immediately taken to jail, no questions asked. And why is most of this undoing and unteaching work brought on by churches? and that should hopefully be helpful Are you familiar with AWANA? It is impossible to imagine that the pending judgement of God will long tarry as this effort seeks to pervert both the Word of God and these LITTLE ONES entrusted to us. That can be tiring, but with the right person/people, it can be very effective. AWANA VIDEO FOR 2022 CONFERENCE SHOWS DISDAIN FOR THE OLD WAY.WHICH WAS THE SIMPLE TEACHING OF BIBLE VERSES -THE GOSPEL AND MEMORIZATION . People lose sight of the ministry and what God . True Caring and Teaching is the epitomy of what is taking place with these children in our Awanas program. The vest will go into a memory box. Under the old system, students worked through handbooks at their own pace, one after another. And yes, I asked the one question that is probably forefront in your mind. Building lives on the Word of God Awana stands! In sum, visitors or new clubbers would not appear to be drawn to Awana based primarily on the extrinsic motivators provided by the leaders of the club.. That is how any change is perceived, with apprehension by some, acceptance by others. A church you might be personally . In what alternate universe did they live? It would be a shame not to have him involved with it. May 7, 2014 Commander Bill. AWANA was founded in 1941 and its name is an acronym for approved workmen are not ashamed, taken from 2 Timothy 2:15. Sometimes people get in a groove in ministry and then it becomes as rut. I so agee with all you said and I thank and covet your prayers. And the activities they do Glorify the Lord. Boys ran out of the building and around the block, then fought in the halls to slow each other down. You are looking for information, articles, knowledge about the topic the problem with awana on Google, you do not find the information you need! Parachurch ministries need to lean into the local church and bend to the local church instead of the church bending to the ministry. How can we say we want to reach children and youth to come to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus, when theyve been locked out? Its gone from a low prep/no prep scenario to asking leaders to do real preparation. AWANA stands for "Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed," which, you guessed it, comes from the Bible: II Timothy 2:15 - "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to . You can support Commander Bill in several ways: Copyright (c) 2019 - Commander Bill Gunter - All rights reserved - Commander Bill is not associated with, nor endorsed by, Awana Clubs International - All content are the views of Commander Bill and do not necessarily reflect the views of Awana - Awana is a Registered Trademark of Awana Clubs International - Awana images, logos, and clipart used with permission. Thats doesnt always indicate a successful club. Reality check: most schools BAN the sharing of food now. Thats hard to do. He gets invoved with other childern in the church. WARNING -AWANA HAS HELPED PARENTS AND CHURCHES TEACH BIBLE VERSES TO THEIR CHILDREN FOR YEARS- BUT HAS SINCE 2021 INCREASINGLY FEATURED AND BEEN DOMINATED BY SOCIAL JUSTICE /WOKE / LGBTQ INCLUSION ACTIVIST EVANGELICAL SPEAKERS. Our best way to motivate and incentivize is to give kids time with a leader rooted in the Word and fire to fulfill the Great Commission.. DAVID KINNAMAN AND BARNA ARE PARTNERING WITH AWANA TO PROVIDE ASSESSMENTS FOR AWANA INSTRUCTORS AND CHILDRENS STAFF AT CHURCHES. For example, kids who come to group with the weeks verse memorized get twice as many coins as those who memorize during the meeting. Awana 2022 conference video offers a grim picture of the cultural current changes sweeping our kids away but then asserts In this change we can often be left looking back to the ways of the past and the methods of the good ole days rather than looking ahead and charting a course to the future . As we move into the future, I am increasingly passionate about the need for biblical child discipleship. OUR MINISTRY PHILOSOPHY GUIDES US The Awana ministry philosophy places the primary ministry focus on being both highly Scriptural and highly relational. My son has gone the last 3 years to AWANA and it is a good program. Another writer in the volume recounts his own experience with Bible memory contests, saying, It didnt really matter to me that I was memorizing the Word of God as opposed to any other book. Awana has realized this and is working to better communicate to the outside world. Join more than 15 visionary speakers as we cover topics spanning cultural analysis, child advocacy and local ministry practice that will equip you a loving, caring adult to pass on a legacy of faith to the children you disciple.. Throwing bean bags to knock over plastic bowling pins. I want to share now why some Awana Clubs fail. Also, another tip- it always helps if everyone takes a break from teaching and learning. From income levels to education, to housing, to health care, to our justice system, whether you are white, brown, or black can significantly impact your access, power, and privilege. If you are finding your leaders are lacking passion it is because of one of two things (or, worse, both): 1, lack of conviction. Trayvon Martin used the sidewalk as a weapon, as he bashed in George Zimmermans head into it, earning himself a taste of Floridas Stand Your Ground law.

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